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All Brick is a family-owned and -operated masonry company specializing in mortar repair and tuckpointing services. We proudly help homeowners across Oakland County, MI, and use the most up-to-date practices to achieve the best possible results.

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    Why Tuckpointing Is Necessary

    Mortar will fail first, and if it’s not addressed in a timely manner, you will begin to see the deterioration effect on the surrounding bricks or stones, which increases the risk of bricks needing to be replaced or the structure needing to be completely rebuilt. 

    Tuckpointing is the process of replacing damaged mortar with new mortar, preventing further deterioration, improving safety, and enhancing the aesthetic appearance of your home. The process prolongs the lifespan of masonry by preventing water from further damaging the building. And, when compared to rebuilding your structure, tuckpointing is much more cost-effective.

    Committed to Excellence

    All Brick is committed to delivering quality results on every tuckpointing project.

    Before the project begins, our expert masons will thoroughly inspect your brickwork to understand the types of aggregates used during construction, determine the home’s age, and identify how climate conditions affected the structure.

    Additionally, during tuckpointing, we practice mortar matching, which is what separates average masons from expert masons. It’s essential to match the existing mortar perfectly for aesthetic and functional reasons. If the wrong type of mortar is used, the brickwork may be more susceptible to elemental damage from UV rays and rain.

    Mortar Restoration

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