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Tuckpointing is how we preserve the structural integrity of your home. When water begins to deteriorate the mortar that bonds your bricks together, tuckpointing is necessary to prevent further damage.

Our expert masons use the most up-to-date practices to achieve the best possible results. Understanding the different types of aggregates used, climate conditions, and the age of the home are all important factors to consider during any tuckpointing project.

Mortar matching is a skill that separates the average masons from the expert masons. While the initial repair will be visible and stand out, All Brick’s skilled masonry staff will be able to produce the best possible results. It’s essential to understand how difficult it is to match the existing mortar perfectly, and the climate factors (UV rays, rain, and age) all play a part in weathering the existing mortar. We will always strive for the closest match.

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Tuckpointing vs. Rebuilding

Mortar will fail first. The age of the home, settling and weather all contribute to the erosion of mortar. It is important to save the structural integrity of a home and repair these issues as soon as possible. If the mortar is not addressed in a timely manner, you will begin to see the deterioration effect on the surrounding bricks or stones.

Repairing the mortar prevents moisture leaks and stops water from entering the structure. Tuckpointing will prolong the lifespan of the masonry. Repairing any gaps and seals the masonry to prevent water from further damaging the building. This is the most cost-effective repair compared to the repair you would face if tuckpointing is avoided.

If deteriorating mortar goes unnoticed, there is a higher chance bricks will be to be replaced or the structure will need to be completely rebuilt. Reduce your repair costs and have an expert inspect and repair the masonry around your home!

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