Reliable Brick Paver Accessible Ramps

Accessibility is extremely important to the team here at All Brick. That’s why we go out of our way to make sure that our clients have the strongest and most reliable option when it comes to accessible ramps.

For many new wheelchair users and people who’ve never had mobility issues, the placement of your typical grey, metal, obtrusive wheelchair ramp adds to the negative feelings sometimes associated with the change.

Following ADA and Michigan Building Code guidelines, All Brick has been blessed to have assisted with many mobility-challenged projects. Installing wheelchair-accessible ramps constructed from brick pavers requires expertise and knowledge gained from years of hard-fought construction experience but, more importantly, requires a genuine passion for helping others.

Latest All Brick Accessible Ramp Projects

The following photos are from our most recent brick paver accessible ramp projects around Metro Detroit, Michigan. View More Brick Paver Accessible Ramp Projects

Brick Paver Accessible Wheelchair Ramps Installation 05
Brick Paver Accessible Wheelchair Ramps Installation 04
Brick Paver Accessible Wheelchair Ramps Installation 03
Brick Paver Accessible Wheelchair Ramps Installation 02
Brick Paver Accessible Wheelchair Ramps Installation 01

Why Choose Brick Pavers Over Wood For Your Accessible Ramps?

The thought of placing a large, expensive wood or metal structure versus the alternative option of installing one of Fendt’s premiere paver colors is not comparable. Having a spectrum of colors, styles, and textures to choose from, as well as optional garden beds and guided rail walls, can turn the addition of an accessible ramp into a project that provides curb appeal and makes the transition easier.

Brick pavers have superior compressive strength compared to wood and will not rot nor require the amount of maintenance associated with wood structures in Michigan. Concrete ramps have also become increasingly popular, with the inability for care. Concrete in Michigan will crack, shift and move and there’s no stopping that. When the time comes for maintenance/restoration of brick paver-accessible ramps, contact All Brick, and we will provide a discounted maintenance service.

Brick Paver Accessible Wheelchair Ramps Installation 03

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