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When pavers are installed correctly, any major expected maintenance should be every 20-25 years. Brick Paver Restoration is essential to reapply polymeric hardening sand to the pavers every 3-5 years. This continues to lock the pavers in place and keeps them from shifting and separating over time.

We often see large uneven areas, weeds and grass growing in the joints, and pavers that have popped, shifted, or become unglued. The information available through the ICPI has significantly advanced compared to the information provided to contractors 20 years ago. Our knowledge as contractors and tradesmen has helped perfect our installations to ensure decades of use and beauty without the need for major restoration.

When re-leveling an existing paver patio, the base under the pavers is inspected, and a determination is made whether the existing material is salvageable. If the base must be replaced, All Brick uses the best material available. The layers of paver base can be compared to your favorite lasagna recipe. If not done correctly, it simply won’t be as good. It is important to over dig, when necessary, level the entire area with the appropriate pitch, install 21AA crushed limestone, and have machine-tamped 2NS sand to create the foundation of a patio, driveway, or walkway that will last.

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Bring your brick pavers back to life with our Paver Restoration Services

Did you purchase a home and inherit a beautiful, but outdated brick paver patio? Or maybe you had one installed decades ago. Whether your patio has begun to shift due to lack of maintenance or you would just like to add a new modern touch to it, we have solutions for you!

The beauty of brick pavers is they can be brought back to life. Power washing, reinstalling the proper base and releveling pavers can have them looking brand new again. There are also options to add new materials mixed in with the old.

The most common addition of material to a brick patio restoration is the border. We are able to upgrade the border to larger caps rather than the same pavers you see in the field of your patio. Having larger paving stones on the otter area of your patio can reduce the amount of movement over the years and add a contract of color to make your patio feel brand new all over again.

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