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The beauty of Brick Paver driveways is undeniable, and so is the value if installed correctly. There are many options when considering driveway replacement or even initial installation. The most commonly used in Michigan are gravel, asphalt, and concrete. The disadvantages of these three types of structures are equally shared: the only commonality is a decrease in initial cost versus a brick paver driveway.

A brick paver driveway will initially cost a significant amount, but the cost of ownership will be far less over time. It’s the age-old Zig Ziglar concept of Price vs. Cost. The initial price of a brick paver driveway will detour many homeowners away from consideration. BUT…consider the long-term advantages and the overall cost of ownership. In 50 years, the typical Michigan home will have gone through 3 concrete driveways and six asphalt, totaling a far greater cost when compared to the paver driveway.

A brick paver driveway requires less upkeep and increases your home’s value compared to the alternatives. Separate your home from the mundane with a Brick Paver Driveway from All Brick, and it’ll be our secret that it was the more brilliant decision.

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Michigan Brick Paver Driveway

Brick Paver Driveways vs. Concrete Driveways In Michigan Winters

Reconsidering your curb appeal? Concrete is everywhere and practically expected. Slowly but surely, brick paver driveways are becoming more and more popular. Along with upgrading your curb appeal, brick pavers also improve the value of your home. Compared to typically concrete, asphalt, or gravel that will likely need to be replaced multiple times throughout the life of a home, brick pavers hold their value and never lose their beauty.

Brick pavers are installed in a unique way. Their interlocking designs and compressive strength testing they endure prove why we should be using them in our Michigan climate. The sand joints in between the pavers help encourage less long-term damage by pulling any water off the surface and into the ground beneath the pavers during freeze-thaw cycles. This is what would cause that old boring concrete to crack right down the middle.

When it comes down to it, paver driveways in Michigan- a solid idea, a substantial investment, and a probable return to your pocket that you weren’t expecting. The longevity of pavers outstands all other options for driveway material. Consider every angle when searching for the right driveway, but know that here at All Brick, there is no competition.

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