Brick Paver Porches & Steps In Metro Detroit

Your front porch is the focal point of your home. It’s more than just a way to gain entry to and from; it’s a welcoming area that differentiates your home from the others in your neighborhood. How does your porch look? Is it inviting, or does it need some TLC?

If you spend time on your porch or in the yard, you know it’s a wonderful place to relax and enjoy the outdoors. A porch upgrade can provide a cozy place to spend time with your family, add curb appeal and add value to your home. Porches can also complete the aesthetic look you’re trying to achieve, all while still providing functionality.

A porch repair or upgrade from All Brick creates an opportunity to change the look and feel of the front of your home. Not only do we want your porch to be structurally safe, but we also want you to love every inch of your home. Every bit of your outdoor living space should be enjoyed, and we’re here to make that happen!

Latest All Brick Porches & Steps Projects

The following photos are from our most recent brick paver porches & steps projects around Metro Detroit, Michigan. View More Brick Paver Porches & Steps Projects

Brick Paver Porches Steps
Brick Paver Porches Steps Installation
Michigan Brick Paver Porches Steps Installation
Detroit Brick Paver Porch
Porch, stairs in Michigan
Porches & Steps Brick Pavers
Brick Paver Porch and walkway
Brick Paver Porches & Steps Michigan
Brick Paver Porch
Brick Paver Porch & walkway Michigan
Porch & Steps Brick Paver Michigan
Michigan Brick Paver Porch
Brick Paver Porch
Brick Paver Front Porch
Metro Detroit Michigan Brick Paver Porch
Brick Paver Porch and walkway in Michigan
Fully bricked front porch

Brick Paver Porches & Steps vs. Cement

While the decorative beauty and curb appeal are absolute advantages of brick paver porches and steps, we mustn’t lose sight of the hidden value; the ability to restore. Any outdoor structure or installation in Oakland, Macomb, Wayne, or Washtenaw will require maintenance and upkeep. Concrete typically requires less care but offers limited restoration capabilities. Beyond a change in the mundane and the added beauty to your home, brick pavers require a mild amount of maintenance which All Brick will assist and guide you! Once a regular maintenance cycle is understood, minor restorations typically occur 15-20 years after installation. If a maintenance schedule is not followed or something a homeowner is not capable of, brick paver porch and step restoration may take place sooner. The ability to restore is a foresight we must consider with any Michigan porch or step project.

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