Brick Paver Walkway Installation In Metro Detroit

All Brick is dedicated to providing you with a beautiful, inviting walkway. Custom made with help from our friends at Fendt, who provide us with brick pavers that are made specifically to withstand Michigan weather, leaves you with pavers to be proud of no matter the time of year. With a vast selection of brick pavers from which to choose, All Brick is sure to have the perfect paver for your home. We work with a variety of different styles and colors, as well as all sorts of shapes and sizes. We also offer custom made brick pavers that are sure to match any home’s style. From modern, sleek designs to classic and rustic looks, we have a paver for every taste.

With multiple colors, patterns, and paver sizes to choose from, the choices are endless. Contrast the colors of your home, add a pop of color or get those grey tones you’ve always dreamed of. No matter your choice, the satisfaction from brick pavers is always guaranteed. From the front of your home to the back, down to the pool, or out to the lake, enjoy every step around your home!

Michigan Brick Paver Walkway

Latest All Brick Walkway Projects

The following photos are from our most recent brick paver walkway projects around Metro Detroit, Michigan. View More Brick Paver Walkway Projects

Michigan Brick Paver Walkway
Brick Paver Walkway
All Brick Walkways
beautiful, inviting walkway
multiple color walkway
Walkway Installation
Brick Paver Walkway Installation
Custom made Brick Paver Walkway
Michigan Brick Paver Walkway
different styles and colors
From modern, sleek designs walkway
Brick paver path
Front of home with brick paver walkway
Flowers next to brick paver path
Shrubs along a brick paver walkway
Flowers in front of a brick paver pass
Brick Paver Walkway Installation
Michigan Brick Paver Walkway Installation
Brick Paver Path in front of home
Tan and brown brick paver path
brick paver path made from Tan and brown bricks
Tree next to brick paver pass
Brick walkway to porch

Brick Paver Walkways vs. Michigan Winters

Concrete is everywhere. It is over played and practically expected. Slowly but surely brick pavers are becoming increasingly popular. Back in the day, roads were constructed with brick pavers because their durability outshined concrete. Not only are interlocking concrete pavers more durable, but they are also more stylish as well. But what about the pavers in the winter? Snow can be shoveled or blown off pavers without causing damage. Ice can be removed from pavers using products like Safe Paw, or other ice melters that do not include rock salt. Pavers, like most materials, expand and contract during freeze-thaw cycles. However, because gaps between pavers are filled with sand, it allows for these occurrences without producing surface cracks.

Michigan Brick Paver Walkway After

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