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Chimney repair is one of our most popular services. Chimneys are often the most neglected area of a home. Most Homeowners don’t notice their chimney until they see bricks lying on the ground or water pouring into their home.

Make sure you call the right professionals the first time. Nothing is worse than tackling a costly repair, only having to revisit the issue years later.
At All Brick, we take an intellectual approach to our repairs. We identify the failure points of the chimney and re-engineer them so that the repair you pay for is the last repair you will ever need. Pinpointing where the water is traveling from and what materials work best in our climate are just a couple of factors we considered in our chimney proposals.

Chimney Close-Up

Latest All Brick Chimney Repairs

The following photos are from our most recent chimney repairs around Metro Detroit, Michigan. View More Chimney Repair Projects

Chimney Repair Services 03
Chimney Repair Services 03
Chimney Repair Services 03

Why it’s so important to have your Chimney Repaired

Chimney repairs are quickly growing as one of the costliest home repairs any homeowner can face. The cost is exponentially worse if a mistake is made, and the wrong contractor is hired. Masonry chimney repairs should be a one-time repair for most homeowners, considering the lifespan of a chimney should be 60-100 years. Many factors go into a chimney’s lifespan, but the primary focus is water dispersion, i.e., keeping water off the brick. Bricklayers have long been respected as having one of the more difficult trades to master. The unique skillset of a chimney restoration mason requires meticulous bricklaying ability and masterful scaffold set-ups, with the utmost emphasis placed on safety. For these reasons, we have seen the demand rise over the years for qualified masons. All Brick can handle any and all chimney repairs by staffing masons with the highest level of experience and capabilities

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