Brick Paver Garden Walls In Metro Detroit

We’ve all seen garden walls fail in our neighborhood. From the do-it-yourself homeowner placing black garden edging to the contractor who installs improper products, All Brick specializes in upgrading your curb appeal the right way.

With multiple blocks and colors to choose from, the design opportunities are endless. Whether you’re trying to contain your flower beds, update the perimeter of your mulched area or take your berm to the next level, brick pavers are the answer. Let’s take your front yard a step up!

Brick Garden Walls In Michigan

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Brick Paver Garden Walls vs. Wood Garden Walls

Oakland, Macomb, Wayne, and Washtenaw counties have some of the harshest weather cycles in the country. We’ve all seen snow in October and convertibles with their tops down in December, but have you ever considered the impact of the weather cycles on a home’s exterior? Consistent freeze-thaw cycles create voids in exterior spaces; this is one of many reasons Michigan adopted Public Act 230 in 1972, setting a construction code standard specific to Michigan. Foundation depths and footings became a primary focus when the early engineers began implementing industry standards. Nearly all outdoor structures and buildings in Michigan require some foundation or footer (check with local building departments to see requirements), but garden walls and edge restraints seem to fall in limbo. Most would deem the sheer cost of a foundation for such a simple purpose unnecessary, resulting in many homeowners simply placing treated wood, at grade, for garden walls. Brick Paver Garden Walls are installed with an open-grade foundation that allows for expansion and contraction at a reasonable cost. The contest isn’t fair when considering the lifespan of a Brick Paver Garden Wall versus wood garden walls; Brick Pavers have a life expectancy beyond 50 years, and when commercially purchased, treated wood requires replacement within ten years. Instead of replacing your wood garden walls every ten years, let All Brick install Brick Paver Garden Walls and move on to the next project at your home!

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