An accessible ramp, or as others call it a handicap ramp, does not have to look like one at all. All Brick will not let the beauty of the front of your home take a backseat to function. We take accessibility seriously, so we strive to provide our clients with the strongest, most dependable ramp options.

With our expertise, we can craft curves and angles to construct the perfect ramp for your home, family member, and landscape design. No drop-offs, lots of space, and a gentle, gradual slope – all elements of a quality, functional ramp. We have installed these in Clinton Township, West Bloomfield, and other surrounding cities but we want to add more to the list! If you or someone you love is looking for an access solution, give All Brick a call today!

Metro Detroit Brick Paver Accessible Ramps Installation Projects

The following projects are from our most recent brick paver accessible ramps installations in Clinton Township, West Bloomfield and other cities around Metro Detroit. All accessible ramps projects meet ADA compliance and are design & engineered and built to stand the test of time of Michigan’s summers and winters.

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Brick Paver Accessible Wheelchair Ramps Installation 05
Brick Paver Accessible Wheelchair Ramps Installation 04
Brick Paver Accessible Wheelchair Ramps Installation 02
Brick Paver Accessible Wheelchair Ramps Installation 03
Brick Paver Accessible Wheelchair Ramps Installation 01
Accessible Ramp Made From Brick Pavers
Why choose a brick paver accessible ramp?

A handicapped ramp is rarely a welcomed choice presented to someone new to mobility issues, even less when they have a long-standing reputation of the “nicest yard on the block.” Life makes many decisions for disabled individuals, and the opportunity to customize or make something their own comes too rarely. A brick paver-accessible ramp instills creativity and beauty into something with the utmost necessity and functionality. There’s a pride associated with brick paver-accessible ramps; the users love designing them and showing them off to their peers. Troy, Milford, or Farmington Hills, a brick paver-accessible ramp puts a smile on everyone’s face!   

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