Preserving the structural integrity of your home requires tuckpointing; when the mortar which connects your bricks starts to break down due to water damage, tuckpointing is essential to stop any further harm. Without tuckpointing, water can start to erode the mortar that binds bricks, leading to more severe damage and costly repairs. Tuckpointing should be your first line of defense when you start to notice deteriorating mortar or bricks.

Now let’s talk about matching mortar. Mortar matching is the same from Shelby Township to Ann Arbor and from Bruce Township to Plymouth. The sun, rain, temperatures, and all aspects of the weathering of a home affect the existing mortar color. While the initial repair will be visible and stand out, All Brick’s skilled masonry staff will be able to produce the best possible results.

Metro Detroit Tuckpointing Projects

The following are from our most recent Tuckpointing projects in Southfield, Ann Arbor, St. Clair Shores, Lake Orion and other cities around Metro Detroit. All Tuckpointing projects are built to stand the test of time of Michigan’s summers and winters.

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Why choose All Brick for your tuckpointing needs?

The line between the experts and amateurs keeps getting larger when discussing tuckpointing and home masonry repairs in Michigan. There’s an overabundance of unlicensed, uninsured masonry contractors that claim to be experts in tuckpointing merely from watching a youtube video. The practices and procedures demonstrated by some of these companies are fraudulent and, in no way, are suitable repairs. They are canvassing companies that descend upon prosperous neighborhoods looking for unsuspecting homeowners to trick into choosing them for their tuckpointing needs. All Brick has a long legacy of providing high-quality tuckpointing and expert analysis of masonry repairs. Whether it’s Beverly Hills or Southfield, we employ expert masons ready to provide the best quality tuckpointing!

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