Paver walkway installation

Paver walkways are more than just a practical addition to your home’s landscape. They can serve as the centerpiece of your outdoor area, creating visual appeal and maximizing space. 

In this post, we’ll explore the benefits of pathways, discuss brick paver walkway installation considerations, and offer tips on restoring existing, overgrown walkways to their former glory.

The Power of Walkways

Walkways provide an essential framework for your landscape, guiding movement and drawing the eye across the space. They can also be a significant aesthetic component, adding character and definition to your outdoor areas. Whether meandering through a garden or leading to your front door, they are integral to the overall landscape design.

Benefits of Using Brick to Construct Walkways

You can use many materials to build a walkway, including brick, concrete, and natural stone. All three material choices come with a range of benefits, but brick is gaining popularity among homeowners because it’s:

  • Safer: Brick has a high degree of friction compared to stone and concrete, lowering the risk of slips and falls during wet conditions. 
  • Durable: Brick can last for decades, and sometimes centuries, if properly maintained and is exceptionally resistant to adverse weather. It’s important to note that durability will vary depending on the type of brick used because some bricks are more resistant to moisture and freezing conditions than others. 
  • Beautiful: Although concrete can be stained and stamped to mimic a variety of patterns and textures, brick offers a timeless beauty that can’t be easily replicated.
  • Easy to Maintain: Brick walkways will only need to be cleaned with warm water and detergent or a specialized brick cleaner to remove dirt and grime and re-sealed every few years. Over time, the mortar could become damaged, and the bricks may naturally shift, which can easily be repaired without replacing the full walkway.

Design Tips for New Brick Paver Walkway Installations

Brick Paver Walkway

One of the greatest advantages of installing a brick paver walkway is the endless design possibilities. With a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes available, you can create a walkway that truly reflects your style and complements your home’s exterior. Consider these factors when designing your new walkway:

  • Colors & Patterns: There are many brick pavers to choose from, including classic clay, permeable, interlocking, cobblestone, and tumbled. And among those, dozens of colors are available, from traditional red to modern gray and white.
  • Borders & Edging: Adding a contrasting border or unique edging can elevate the look of your walkway, making it more visually appealing and distinct.
  • Integration With Landscape: Make sure your walkway design integrates seamlessly with your existing landscape. It should enhance your garden, lawn, or other outdoor spaces, not compete with them.

Restoring Overgrown Brick Paver Walkways

Over time, even the most beautiful brick walkway can become overgrown and lose its appeal. But don’t worry—restoration is possible and can bring your walkway back to its former glory. If the color of the pavers has faded, a deep clean followed by resealing is generally all that’s needed.

To clean your brick walkway, you’ll need to use a broom to sweep away any accumulated debris and follow it with power washing to ensure any weeds and moss are fully removed. 

After the walkway is clean and dry, seal it with a polymeric sand-based sealer (do not use a wet-looking sealer), and use a push broom to apply it.

If there are gaps between your pavers, you’ll need to remove old sand with a broom or wet vacuum, apply new sand with a push broom, compact it with a rubber mallet or plate compactor, and sweep away any excess sand. In the restoration process, re-sanding should be done after cleaning but before sealing. 

Lastly, you must schedule an inspection with a brick specialist if you’ve noticed cracked or shifted pavers or uneven areas.

Start Your Installation or Restoration Project Today

If you’re considering installing a new brick paver walkway or restoring an existing one, reach out to All Brick. We specialize in new brick paver installations and masonry restoration work and have helped countless homeowners in Michigan over the years. Visit our website to view some of our past projects, or contact us today to schedule a consultation.

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