Michigan Brick Paver Fire Pit

Remember—safety first! A brick paver fire pit can be a perfect addition to your patio, but there are some safety risks, so it’s always important to plan ahead and know what to expect. 

There are many factors to consider when planning, installing, and using a brick paver fire pit, including selecting the right type of pavers. In this blog post, we’ll cover some of the most essential factors you need to know when planning for and using a fire pit on your property.

Location of the Fire Pit

Brick Paver Firepit Installation Michigan

The location of your fire pit is a critical consideration. First, it should be located at least 10 feet from your house or other structures, but if you can place it more than 10 feet away from your property, that will be better. Do not place your fire pit near fencing, playsets, swimming pools, or your neighbor’s property line.

Additionally, you don’t want patio umbrellas, tree limbs, or other combustible materials near the fire pit. Consider surrounding the entire fire pit with noncombustible materials that can withstand heat or a stray ember, like kiln-fired brick, sand, or crushed stone.

Check Local Codes

Call your city or county zoning representative and inquire about specific rules that pertain to burning fires in a pit on residential properties. Some localities require a permit for brick fire pits, while others send out a fire inspector to ensure your pit is safe for use.

Still, other localities do not allow the burning of real wood and only allow you to use a gas fire pit with lava rocks or something similar. Whatever the case, you’ll want to fully understand what is and is not permitted in your municipality.

Using Your Fire Pit

A brick fire pit is set ablaze. There is empty seating made from bricks to the right of the fire pit.

Follow these general tips when using your brick paver fire pit to ensure you keep yourself, your family, and others safe:

  • Only use seasoned, very dry firewood
  • Clean debris off your fire pit before lighting a fire
  • If you’re burning real wood, put up a pop or smoke screen
  • Avoid synthetic clothing, like nylon, that can catch fire or melt easily
  • Check your local weather to ensure there are no burn bans in effect
  • Always keep a fire extinguisher or a garden hose nearby and ready for use
  • If you’re using a gas fireplace, know where the gas supply shut-off is

And please, always remember that fire and excessive drinking definitely do not mix. Limit your alcohol consumption whenever you’re near and enjoying your fire pit.

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