Michigan Brick Paver Driveway

Why Brick Paver Are The Best Material For Driveways

People are always asking us”Brick Paver Driveways, Are They Durable?” – Picture it- you’re pulling up into your driveway after a long day and you take those ten extra minutes to get in a little phone time before you ascend the walkway and porch to the front door and God knows what madness might be going on inside. Now rewind it and re-picture it- you’re pulling up to a beautiful set of brick pavers. Adds a little razzle dazzle to the image, ehhh? We can’t help you with the madness, but we can make it look pretty.

When looking for a new driveway, it’s easier for someone to think of concrete, mostly because it has always been seen more often than a paver driveway. Until now. As time goes on the demand for pavers has drastically gone up. They just make sense. And in a generation of things that “just make sense”, they fit perfectly… no pun intended. Get it? Pavers fit together… that sentence-… yeah. They fit perfectly.


Pavers on a patio? Absolutely. Pavers on your porch? Sure. Pavers on a walkway? Without a doubt. Paver driveway ribbons? Exceptional. An entire paver driveway? We’re screaming YES! There are so many reasons why a paver driveway is a solid choice. However, it begs the important question, though they provide a stunning look to your home, Do Pavers Make Good Driveways?

Brick Paver Driveway Installation Livonia

If you’re anything like us, before getting into the business of pavers, we’d probably be left doing some research on whether or not Pavers Make Good Driveways. Go ahead, google it, the research is simply limited. However, what you will find in your research is that pavers are an obvious choice when it comes to a driveway. Sure, there’s always the cost factor. Pavers will always cost more up front. However, when it comes to maintenance and upkeep, the price becomes a non issue in most cases. Concrete becomes so costly when being repaired or in the event of a replacement.

It is vital to do some research on not only the initial cost of an install, but the cost of upkeep and maintenance as well. In the long run, with concrete driveways, you could end up spending the same amount of money on install, repairs, and maintenance than you would with the original install of your pavers. Pavers do not require the same amount of attention as a concrete driveway might.

The Strongest Option For Driveways

When it comes to paver driveways, All Brick Design believes in using the very best, Fendt. Fendt makes sure their pavers are manufactured to high standards and have their durability tested. Due to this manufacturing and testing, they become a durable product that can provide you with a stronger driveway. Pavers in any function are stronger than concrete and they are also less prone to cracking.

The strength rating for pavers is about 12,000 pounds per square inch. With a strength rating that high, it makes pavers the strongest option for driveways and making pavers a superior choice if your driveway is expected to see a lot of wear and tear. Not to mention that a paver driveway can last 25 years with proper upkeep.

Your driveway is a key component when looking to buy or sell. Everyone has specifications for a driveway. It also significantly impacts your home’s curb appeal. The better the curb appeal, the higher the dollar when it comes to selling. And if you’re buying a home, a paver driveway spikes your interest.

Wear And Tear

There’s normal wear and tear to driveways that needs to be acknowledged. Growing tree roots is an enemy to concrete driveways. The more they grow the more likely your concrete will crack. The same goes for using salt on your driveway- as we all do in Michigan. The salt breaks down snow and ice, but eventually that snow and ice will freeze once again. This constant cycle can put too much pressure on your driveway and result in cracks. Pavers are built to withstand cold months. The interlocking joints between the pavers allows them to be able to flex or bend with the changes in the weather.

Snow, Sleet & Cold

You see, when it snows, it seeps into the soil and it freezes the ground beneath it causing the ground to swell. The swelling causes everything around it to also lift, which will cause cracks. Now, because pavers have durability and flexibility, they will swell with the soil and return to normal when the weather warms up. This is thanks to those joints. All Brick Design believes that a paver driveway is stunning, durable, and ideal.

Interested in a brick paver driveway?

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