All Brick’s new brick paver patio installation projects range from South Lyon to Brighton, all the way to Bruce township. In any city, brick pavers can provide decades of minimal maintenance delicacy while retaining their value and appearance through freeze-thaw cycles without cracking, chipping, or permanent discoloration. These properties allow us to offer the longest guarantee in the paving industry. The interlocking design, wide range of colors, superior stability, and ability to withstand extreme weight loads make them the perfect choice for any area around your home. Brick Pavers are especially useful for driveways, walkways, and the area we install them most, patios. Brick Pavers are made to support large vehicles and heavy foot traffic.

The color options available allow you to customize the appearance of your pavement to match any existing landscaping or architectural style. Choose from a variety of shades to perfectly suit your home. Another benefit to the unique design helps to prevent water from pooling on the surface, eliminating the need for costly drainage systems and reducing water pooling and ice matches.

In addition to durability and minimal maintenance requirements, brick pavers can be installed quickly and efficiently. A typical new patio installation can take from 2-7 days depending on the amount of demolition and accessibility to the project area. This process is both cost-effective and time efficient, but most importantly, rewarding. Let All Brick transform your space today!

Metro Detroit Brick Paver Patio Installation Projects

The following projects are from our most recent brick paver patio installations in Shelby Township, Royal Oak, Rochester, Garden City and other cities around Metro Detroit. All patio projects are design & engineered and built to stand the test of time of Michigan’s summers and winters.

For more information you can learn more about our brick paver patios or to request a brick paver patio quote.

Why choose a brick paver patio?

Brick pavers are the perfect choice for any home! First, they have an interlocking design making them durable and able to handle extreme loads of weight. Second, they come in a wide variety of colors. Lastly, maintenance is minimal. Although brick pavers are useful for driveways, walkways, and garden walls, the area we install them most is patios. We want you to enjoy your outdoor living space. Brick Pavers are made to support large vehicles and heavy foot traffic. Add value and beauty to your home, call All Brick today!

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