A brick outdoor kitchen. The kitchen features a tall brick table. There is food on this table and three chairs surround the table. In the kitchen, there is also a grill, above the grill is a television, and behind the table is another television screen that's showing a picture of a sunset. Next to the television with the picture of a sunset on it are several ferns.

Outdoor kitchens are more popular than ever before because they add fun, utility, and value to homes. But, in Michigan (and other Midwest states), erratic weather patterns put harsh beatings on exterior kitchens constructed with metal and wood. When subjected to extreme temperature fluctuations and moisture, wood will rot, and metal will rust. That’s why more home and business owners choose bricks for their outdoor kitchen projects.

Understanding Michigan’s Climate

As a homeowner living in Michigan, you already know that the weather can be beautiful but also brutal. Unpredictable seasonal fluctuations, repeated freezing/thawing cycles, dousing rainfall, and mountains of snow all contribute to the degradation of common construction materials like wood and metal. That’s why choosing durable materials that won’t warp, swell, rot, rust, or corrode is crucial. Introducing: Bricks!

Why Choose Brick?

Brick is a strong, enduring material that’s ideal for outdoor use. It also has a timeless style, is naturally resistant to adverse weather conditions, and requires little maintenance. Plus, it’s naturally heat-resistant, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly.

Let’s dig deeper into some of the best benefits of brick.

Benefit #1: Aesthetic Appeal

Brick is a versatile construction material that can match a wide variety of architectural styles, improving the overall aesthetics of your property. Plus, modern brick manufacturers sell pavers in numerous different shapes, textures, colors, and sizes, allowing you to create custom-built outside kitchen accent walls, backsplashes, patio foundations, pizza ovens, islands, and much more.

Benefit #2: Heat Retention & Efficiency

Brick retains heat superbly, making it an awesome choice for exterior kitchen construction. You won’t have to work as hard to keep the heat in your cooking area as you would with other materials. Plus, the brick will radiate warmth, creating a comfortable environment for everyone to enjoy.

And that’s not all. Brick is also fireproof (when the pavers have been kiln-fired), meaning that it helps prevent fire damage and keep you, your family, and your friends safer and happier. Brick also provides far more protection against fire relative to other materials like wood, stucco, and vinyl.

Benefit #3: Longevity & Value

Lastly, brick has unbeatable longevity, and its ability to withstand the test of time is unmatched, especially with materials like wood and even metal. When properly maintained, which is a simple matter, brick can last for centuries. Its color doesn’t fade over time, it’s 100% recyclable, and it is sustainably sourced from non-toxic materials.

Constructing your outside kitchen with brick will add lasting value to your home, providing powerful protection against hail, strong winds, and other natural phenomena. In many cases, brick-based construction leads to lower insurance premiums because they are more resistant to wind and fire damage.

Start Your Outdoor Kitchen Project With All Brick

With an outdoor kitchen, you’ll extend usable space, keep the heat and smell of cooking out of your home, and potentially increase the value of your home. Plus, when constructing it with brick, you’ll enjoy better durability, versatility, and long-term value.If you’re considering designing and installing a brick outdoor kitchen in your home, get in touch with All Brick. We specialize in designing, installing, repairing, and maintaining brick structures.

Visit our portfolio to view some of our past brick outdoor kitchen projects, or contact us today to request a project consultation.

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